Below are my publications and PDF reprints, and here is a link to my Scholar Google. Asterisks (*) indicate undergraduate students that I mentored.


R Etzel*, M Cornish*, MS Kifer*, L Nuñez, G Valladao*, B Folt (2020). Subterranean advertisement and duet calling behavior in Ptychohyla legleri (Legler’s Stream Frog). Alytes 37(3–4): 57–61. Proofs Data


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Book chapters

B Folt (in press). Eastern Fence Lizard Sceloporus undulatus (Bosc & Daudin 1801). In: D Wynn et al. (eds). Reptiles of Ohio. Forthcoming.

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Natural history papers

B Folt, D Laurencio, JM Goessling, RD Birkhead, J Stiles, S Stiles, S Belford, AT Harris (2015). One hundred two new county records for amphibians and reptiles in Alabama. Herpetological Review 46(4): 591–594. PDF

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Geographic distribution notes

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